Hello, I’m Luna

Hi there! I’m a confident UI Designer with over 8 years of experience. Design has always been a passion of mine, and I pursued it with dedication, earning top honors in my studies.

I am confident that my experience and skills will help you create a product that is functional, easy to use and appealing to users.

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Senior Designer at Praxis Group

August 2021 — February 2024 (2 years 7 months)

Praxis Group is a group of seven highly specialized companies. I worked for Praxis Report, a branch that specializes mainly in annual reports (both print and web versions) and corporate presentations.

Here, I learned how to work with large and complex amounts of data. Annual reports are full of complex technical information and flowcharts, and it’s impossible to create a good design if you don’t understand the essence of the information yourself.

Here’s a short list of my accomplishments in this position:
• Designed publications & websites for 10+ major clients (Sberbank, X5 Group, Yandex etc.)
• Created print & web annual reports and corporate presentations
• Collaborated with cross-functional teams for high-quality design solutions
• Ensured brand consistency across all design deliverables

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Designer / Individual entrepreneur

January 2020 — August 2021 (1 year 8 months)

After the birth of my son, I realized that a full-time job wouldn’t be ideal for me (for the time being). This led me to transition to project-based work from home. During this period, I developed a high degree of autonomy.

I primarily worked with small business owners. The biggest challenge I faced was that clients often relied solely on personal preference when evaluating designs, which very often led to a large number of revisions. I suggested involving the target audience in the decision-making process. I facilitated the formation of focus groups and conducted UX/UI research. The results were impactful: clients had fewer doubts about the design choices, leading to a reduction in revisions and a faster workflow.

Here’s a short list of my accomplishments in this position:
• Built a rapport of trust with customers by providing quality work.
• Increased client satisfaction by 20% through user research & focus groups
• Increased user engagement by 30% through UI/UX improvements for one of key clients
• Managed client communication & project revisions for efficient workflow


Lead Designer at Bandito Agency

September 2018 — January 2020 (1 year 5 months)

Eventually, I earned a promotion to Lead Designer. This new role expanded my responsibilities beyond creating high-quality designs to include mentoring junior designers and managing project deadlines.

Here’s a short list of my accomplishments in this position:
• Developed and implemented a training program for new design team members.
• Trained and successfully onboarded three junior designers.
• Presented and advocated for design solutions to clients.
• Led client communication, presentations, and delivered effective design solutions.
• Implemented a system for objective design evaluation, resulting in a 50% reduction in client revision requests.


Full-Stack Designer at Bandito Agency

September 2016 — September 2018 (2 years 1 month)

The studio offered a wide range of specializations, encompassing everything from website design to branding.

Here’s a short list of my accomplishments:
• Progressed from Junior Designer to Full-Stack Designer to Lead Designer in under 4 years
• Designed a variety of digital and print materials (websites, ads, brand books), ensuring alignment with client needs.
• Managed project timelines and delivered high-quality work within deadlines.



Bang Bang Education

January 2024 — April 2024

I completed an online UX/UI: user interface design course, gaining valuable insights from experienced mentors and hands-on practice. My diploma project involved designing a user interface from UX research to UI layouts, and I successfully defended it.


ITMO University

September 2011 — August 2015 (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

ITMO University is a state-supported university in Saint Petersburg and is one of Russia’s National Research Universities. I graduated from the university with an honors degree in Information Technology in Design.

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